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9-10 November 2021 | Live virtual conference

Join leading-edge health start-ups and meet the investors shaping the industry

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We are gathering the top investors and industry decision-makers who want to meet the next big start-ups in health.

We want to showcase the disrupters and trailblazers who will become the future leaders of this industry.
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The Innovation Forum has supported hundreds of health-related start-ups that have gone on to raise $260M+. So we know what scientists and entrepreneurs need to take their venture to the next level.


We gather the best start-ups from around the world and we give them the opportunity to pitch in front of influential investors.
A well-crafted pitch to a global audience is a springboard to take discussions to the next level.


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We have various opportunities to showcase your startup to a range of investors and key stakeholders that can take your company to its next stage.


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The top 12 startups will get to pitch in front of our live audience and showcase their company on the event platform.

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Meet some of the startups
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ABS Biotechnologies

Cambridge, UK

Cardiovascular safety concerns remain the leading cause of drug attrition at the preclinical drug. ABS Biotechnologies' unique products (smooth muscle cells and Cardiomyocytes) will help to develop pipelines for toxicology testing of new drug candidates. They signed a letter of intent with big pharma for collaborative development activities in the area of vascular toxicity access to knowledge in cardiovascular safety.

Heecap (1).png

Barcelona, Spain

Patients that are connected to mechanical ventilation for more than 24h are provided with high doses of sedatives. Their muscles stop working and, especially, their diaphragm (the main respiratory muscle) becomes weak and atrophied. Heecap is a medical device that aims to keep active the diaphragm and provide the patients with enough strength in their respiratory muscles to breathe by themselves.


Bangalore, India

The spread of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) infection is common in hospital setups, and in patients with weak immunity or comorbidities like diabetes. Koshkey has discovered a novel approach of inducing the cocktail of antimicrobial peptides from patients' own skin cells to fight off infections and promote wound healing.


Zurich, Switzerland

MYLEG improves walking in amputees by a wearable, non-invasive sensory feedback for their prostheses.

This promotes cognitive prosthesis integration in people with leg amputation.


Philadelphia, USA

OYS Mobility is developing innovative technology and a healthcare delivery model to improve global access and affordability of custom prosthetic devices for people with limb loss. Our solution upends the status-quo and enables generalists to provide a similar quality of care currently limited to specialists. Success for us is improving the functionality and participation in society for people with limb loss.

Baby-FM 1.png

Belgrade, Serbia

BabyFM is a pediatric fever monitor system that consists of temperature and movement sensor technology that enables continuous monitoring of the fever condition of babies. By utilising app connectivity, the Baby Fever Monitor enables child fever management in particular with certain conditions such as febrile convulsions.


London, UK

ImmTune therapies is developing an off-the-shelf injectable cell therapy platform that re-engineers patient’s immune cells inside their bodies to treat disease. Their in-vivo process produces more potent, scalable and cheaper cell therapies, accessible to a wider patient population. Our first product is designed to cater to the needs of cancer patients.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Limula provides enabling technology to biotech companies developing CAR T cells and other cell and gene therapies (CGT). Their patented solution is a robust and scalable manufacturing platform, facilitating the transition from pre-clinical development of these highly personalized cancer treatments to their routine use in the hospital.

Neobe (2).png

London, UK

Neobe Therapeutics are engineering bacterial strains that can colonize the inner tumour core, allowing for the localized delivery of therapeutic agents that disrupt barriers to immune cell infiltration. By providing a safe and innovative way to remodel the local environment, their product will enable the success of immunotherapeutic strategies in current non-responders.


Hong Kong, China

Transforming every meal for the dysphagic with the latest science and highest quality. We provide texture-modified food solutions to those with swallowing or chewing difficulties. Senior Deli's flagship ready-to-eat soft meals are made using proprietary ultrasound-assisted enzyme technology which softens food without affecting its form or nutrition.

Bright Biotech

Manchester, UK

Bright Biotech is a Contract Manufacturing and Development Organisation specialising in plant-based production of high-quality and affordable recombinant proteins for R&D, therapeutic, cosmeceutical, agri-food and industrial applications. Their method challenges the inherent disadvantages of the traditional expression systems. It is sustainable, highly scalable and is animal- and endotoxin-free.


Oxford, UK

INIA Biosciences is a noninvasive, closed-loop, home use monitoring system that integrates biomarker monitoring with an ultrasound stimulator to reduce inflammation and dependence on immunosuppressant drugs. INIA envisions a future where medicine is more than a pill. We are building the future of bioelectronic medicine.


Barcelona, Spain

Mirai’s purpose is to make the invisible visible using patented technology (TRL 7), which enables smartphones to see light invisible to the human eye. Their first product (launch 2021) improves sun protection by visualising sunscreen coverage, providing superior but cheaper insight compared to existing solutions, with a target market of over 100M users in the EU.

Oxyjet (1).png

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Due to COVID-19, about 14% of patients require respiratory assistance. But high prices and lack of availability of respiratory assistive devices are causing unexpected deaths.

OXYJET has developed a low-cost venturi CPAP that can be used with existing infrastructure in hospitals in a low-resource setting. We aim to provide early CPAP intervention in treatment with the device.


Cambridge, UK

32 million tumour measurements are made every year using laboratory mice in order to understand cancer and cancer treatment. Calipers are often used but are known to be inaccurate. Verinnogen have developed a novel technology to accurately and quickly profile these tumours, expediting and better facilitating research within academia and industry.